My name is M.A.D. Moore.  I am currently in the Program in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy at the University of Chicago, in the Classics department.  I previously attended the University of California, San Diego where I double-majored in Classics and Philosophy and San Francisco State University, where I stubbornly obtained dual Masters degrees, in Classics, then in Philosophy.

My current interests are mainly on the Greek side of philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Plotinus, although I also pursue concerns involving Cicero’s philosophical work, Lucretius, and Seneca.  I also have a growing interest in Augustine and Boethius.  Overlapping all of this, I have long had an affinity for great literature, and thus, like Plato and Aristotle, I concern myself with poetry, history, drama, and whatever else tickles my intellectual fancy.

To those with an interest in Greek and Latin:

This is a blog created to further discussion about Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy.   There has not been a dedicated Ancient Philosophy blog on the web for quite a while.  This is quite understandable: those most capable of contributing, academic philosophers, are likely publishing in journals and books.  Nevertheless, I see a wide open opportunity for the rest of us who enjoy discussing, dissecting and adapting the arguments and beliefs of the Ancients.

To those with an interest in philosophy:

I will be referencing and translating various Greek and Latin writers, however, I still would like this blog to be open to all who have a non-grammatical interest in the ancient writers.  Therefore I will always give a translation first, followed by the original text, the latter which you can ignore, if you wish.


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  1. Amazing stuff… you followed little old me on twitter — and my 4 semesters of ancient Greek and 2 semesters of Latin (I got a low C) are nothing compared to what you’re doing here… glad I still have my lexicon and various tools (all the greek verbs) and 201 Latin verbs. I’m a high school teacher who will spend a good deal of time this summer looking at your work here… stupendous! Kali Mera! (my modern Greek sucks bad because I never learned the caps — which of course, kept me lost in Athens since all the signs are in caps)<3!

  2. I forgot to check notify me of new posts, that’s why I am posting this comment. It wouldn’t let me check that box without putting something in the comment area.

  3. In a search for information and insight on a quote I had heard attributed to Aristotle, i.e. “God is Thinking Thinking on Thinking,” I came upon your blog. I read the article you posted on Aristotle’s thoughts on thinking and thoughts. Of course I did not find the exact quote I had heard of, but what I found was very helpful.

    I am an American citizen, retired and living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Recently I joined a group here called Socrates Cafe. We meet weekly and discuss things philosophical. Thus my current interest in your Ancient Greek Philosopher blog.

    Thank you so much for maintaining this blog. I am sure I will be returning to it often and sharing my findings with the members of Socrates Cafe here.

  4. Delighted to connect with you on Twitter!

    Even more delighted to read your blogs!

    We are followers of Henry David Thoreau, who in turn had some views of Greek philosophy! So, we would like to initiate a dialogue with you!

  5. How we arrive at a new destination is facinating…pleased to find your blog via the twittersphere…brain-fuel stuimulus snaps well with coffee and the freezing fog abound here in Liverpool, UK. Advanced studies in philosophy as a dramaturg is my thing. Be! Maggie

  6. Landed here while investigating τὸ εἶναι as appears in Enneads V.8.9.48. Translation I’m reading gives “being” with footnote referencing V.5.5.14-15.

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